OUR PASSION AND COMMITMENT

       The Vine Corrp LLC IT Consulting Service is a leading provider of innovative Cybersecurity solutions, information technology and consulting services. Our passion is helping organisations and individuals succeed by applying our experience and industry leadership to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations and consistently deliver high-value benefits to all our clients.

       At The Vine Corrp LLC, IT Consulting, we help firms reduce information security risk, ensure compliance and secure sensitive data and systems across all platforms. With the huge demand for skilled and experienced Cybersecurity experts,  The Vine Corrp LLC provides technical hands-on Cybersecurity training to individuals and organisation workforce – helping to bridge the gap of skilled Cybersecurity workforce.

      Check out Vine Technologies Academy for details of the various forms of training available to individuals and corporate organisations.

                                                                                      WHO WE ARE

    We go a step beyond training to offer real-life support and other resources that will help students continue to grow as they continue on this career path. We understand that training alone is not enough, we want to ensure that you succeed and continue to develop an indispensable skill set. To do this we provide training and job consulting support to help empower students for a successful career in information technology

                                                                                        WHAT WE DO

The Vine Corrp, IT Consulting Services offers a range of innovative business solutions such as:

  • Information Security Support
  • IT Strategic Planning & Project Management Support
  • Change/Configuration Management Support
  • Training, Coaching & Mentoring to help solve your complex industry challenges

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